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SHOOTEMUP - You blink, you die... loop 7! (SHMUP/STG/SHOOTER)

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3 years ago#371
Caladrius shipped today... hopefully I get it before my cuz comes to visit next week as he's probably the biggest shmup fanatic besides me that I know IRL.... or more succinctly, the only one I know.
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#372
I'm going to wait for opinions before getting Caladrius or Sturmwind (Dreamcast).
I'll likely get them eventually, but with about a month till SDOJ and Delta+XII-ZEAL I'm in no rush. Looking forward to your impressions Gabrius!

I'm on a megadrive kick lately, got myself a Slapfight, Eliminate Down, and Twinkle Tale recently. And no, I didn't spend the $200-400ea that these games usually go for, I'm not that
we... must... save... this... doomed... world...
3 years ago#373
As soon as these games arrive, I'm using the coupon codes to order both of those.

I've also bumped down the shipping to the free option as this is a ton of releases in such a short amount of time. As soon as Caladrius comes, I'll pop it in and give it a whirl ^_^
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#374
Radiant Silvergun (XBLA)

Simply put, my favorite SHMUP of all time. Originally released for home on the Sega Saturn, this game was, up to recently, quite expensive if you wanted to play... the import sells on eBay for over $200 regularly. Not so anymore you can get this gem on Xbox Live Arcade at a mere fraction of the cost! Everything about this game is excellent, from the graphics, to the epic boss fights, to the score composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto of Final Fantasy Tactics fame... even the story is awesome. Seriously, if you own one SHMUP, this should be it.

Congratulations on your fine taste, TC!
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3 years ago#375
has Giga wing 1 or 2 been released on XBLA this gen? I remeber loving those games on my friends dreacast. My favourite shmups along with Gunbird 1 and 2 and Ikaruga
3 years ago#376
Nope, neither of them.
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#377
Sooo, Shooting Love 10th Anniversary...

Anybody else grabbing this one?

It's supposed to be out May 30th in Japan, guess I'll need it just to keep the collecting up.

I really need to make a separate corner for the Danmaku games, it's too hard to keep focus on the whole screen when it's a 60", but on my 27" monitor it should work better.
Sometimes I don't blink for a good, few minutes when it's really hectic, and it burns my eyes like a mf after a session like that :(
3 years ago#378
Hey Gabe, which shmups are you going to get?
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
3 years ago#379
How much is a DDP DFK 1.5 1cc worth?
Did I say that, or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me??
3 years ago#380
Ragnarokxv posted...
How much is a DDP DFK 1.5 1cc worth?


...sorry, couldn't resist...

You could try over at
for an estimate.
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