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MOH beta anyone?

#1ntsoulsPosted 10/8/2012 11:30:43 PM
Why does EVERYONE see EVERYONES red dots. It's absurd. And why am I seeing the enemies thru walls?
The game is great though.
#2LuckNotDoWithErPosted 10/8/2012 11:32:17 PM
its a glitch in the matrix.
#3swatkiller546Posted 10/8/2012 11:36:15 PM(edited)
or the matrix in a glitch :o
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#4ntsouls(Topic Creator)Posted 10/8/2012 11:39:40 PM
No. Like there will be a red outline of an enemy. It's odd. Remember in battlefield 2 when the camera would tell somebody you killed them? Like..HEY...IT WAS THIS GUY UP HERE ON THE LEDGE!
#5jakethenoobPosted 10/9/2012 12:04:37 AM
The game is great though

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#6CapwnDPosted 10/9/2012 12:26:09 AM
It's not horrible. I enjoyed MOH Airborne about as much as this one. It's a good attempt but other games do it so much better.

I'll still buy it for the single player campaign.
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#7LuckNotDoWithErPosted 10/9/2012 12:38:19 AM
you still believe this game is good? rofl
#8CapwnDPosted 10/9/2012 1:24:48 AM
From: LuckNotDoWithEr | #007
you still believe this game is good? rofl

Coming from you that means nothing. At all.
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#9ShineboxerPosted 10/9/2012 2:54:46 AM
buddy spawns are atrocious, lag is atrocious visual will get polished in final version, that gui is awful.
#10NOescapebutVICTORYPosted 10/9/2012 4:38:17 AM
Game is a good one. The guns and sound are top notch. Day 1 purchase