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Just got a Xbox360

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User Info: gabrius

4 years ago#21
RPG_Apostle posted...

Games not available on another console...?


/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#22
Deadly premonition
Fish, for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable.

User Info: RPG_Apostle

4 years ago#23
SunDevil77 posted...
Deadly premonition

Coming out on PS3 under the original name, Red Seeds Profile.
GameFaqs: Where two people agreeing means it's one person with two accounts.

User Info: naughtydog2kO3

4 years ago#24
From: SunDevil77 | #011
Focian posted...
SunDevil, do you still play Halo Wars at all, bud?

I need to...I gotta get my copy shipped, do you? I am totally down for a game when I receive it!

Might have to pick up Halo Wars as well, maybe add me sometime when I get around to it eventually.
XBL: naughtydog2k03
PSN: naughtydog2k03
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