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Games that no one remembers.

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4 years ago#71
Wolfwood44 posted...
General Chaos, my favorite Sega Genesis game.
4 years ago#72
Sticky Balls
4 years ago#73
Shadow the Hedgehog

Unless you want just 360....

Then my vote goes to Brink, just because of all the hype everyone blindly gave it, just for it all to fade within a day.
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4 years ago#74
If you are able to list it, then it isn't forgotten!
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4 years ago#75
Drakkhen on the SNES. I remember buying that game at K-mart as a little 2nd grader for 5 bucks in a bargain bin.

For the 360, I'd say Enchanted Arms.
4 years ago#76
From: ItsNotZura | #032

Wow, I vaguely remember playing that as a kid.
Just the tip!
4 years ago#77
King's Field
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4 years ago#78
SkyBlazer for the SNES. Amazing freaking game with a kickass soundtrack to boot.
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4 years ago#79
Thunder Tanks
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4 years ago#80
Treewaller posted...
Sneak King

This. :D
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