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Anyone here buy Halo 4 just for the single player?

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4 years ago#41
I rented it for the sp. It's very good. It's still Halo, but the additions really add to the experience.
4 years ago#42
realskillz1990 posted...
that would be extremely stupid when you can just rent the game like a previous poster mentioned instead of paying 65 plus dollars.

What if you're the kind of gamer who enjoys playing the campaign repeatedly? I usually play the campaign of a game I like twice, and then again sometime in the future. These type of games are good to have on the shelf. I have a number of them.
4 years ago#43
oasisbeyond posted...
You guys sure make me laugh, either that or you don't know how to tell time.
I beat it in legendary mode in 1.5 seconds so I win...

0.5 here. You lose.
4 years ago#44
MrRoam posted...
Legendary is kicking my ass, I'm already tired of seeing the covenant...I hope the new monsters aren't as annoying..

They're actually more annoying, but more gratifying to kill.
4 years ago#45
I haven't bought or rented the game yet (don't know if I will), but if past history holds true, if/when I do get it, however I get it, it will be mostly for the SP. I've only played Halo online a few times throughout the series.

Most of the MP that I did play in the Halo games was split-screen with my nephews. We had alot fo fun doing that, and if I did get the game, that would be one of the main reasons for getting it as well. Unfortunately, they haven't shown the same interest in it as they used to (just growing up, I guess...), and that kinda kills my interest in it. I rented Reach when it came out, and they barely touched it, so its not looking good for #4 in my household right now.
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  3. Anyone here buy Halo 4 just for the single player?

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