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spend $400 on a 6 year old, dead console?

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3 years ago#31
Congratulations ma'am, it's a troll.
3 years ago#32
EliteGuard99 posted...
dj___roll posted...
Quote:$60 for Live? lmao
That's what it retails for and is what most people spend for it. But, yes, like everything in life, if you're patient and wait for a deal you can get it cheaper.

Dude, sense the price for a 12 month went up to $60 Amazon has never sold it for higher than $49.99, and sometimes I have seen it (and bought it) for $38.99.

In addition, you can always find them on ebay for $40 or less. Don't gotta wait, just gotta search.
3 years ago#33
fan360 posted...
spend $400 on a 6 year old, dead console?

Why not? I just spent 4 seconds reading the ramblings of a 6 year old brain dead gamefaqs user...
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3 years ago#34
Yeah cause taxes were introduced when Obama was elected to office. Never had taxes before then guys.

There's no state tax in Delaware ;)
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3 years ago#35
fallange posted...
Akuryu posted...
He probably means the sales tax. Of course sales tax is largely determined by state and local governments, and varies based on where you live, but like most Republicans he won't let a little thing like reality stop him from getting in a shot at Obama.

I always knew there were still smart people here, too bad there aren't that many left.

If realizing that is all that's needed to qualify for being "smart" than I'm in the rankings of the most elite minds our world has EVER seen.
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3 years ago#36
a fool and his money are easily parted.
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3 years ago#37
Lol @ buying CoD games
Lol @ paying more than $40 for XBL
Lol @ not buying games online for cheaper
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3 years ago#38
how does 200 dollars become 400?
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3 years ago#39
The best part of the troll is when he says that brand new AAA franchise titles come out on a "dead" console.

Also, nobody has pointed out that it's a 7 year old console yet, not 6, so I guess that part of the troll was ineffective?
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3 years ago#40
You can save a lot of that by waiting for Black Friday and Christmas. If you waited 6 years and are not happy with the prices for all this now, wait a month and save even more on it.
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