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spend $400 on a 6 year old, dead console?

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3 years ago#61
No taxation without representation.
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3 years ago#62
Now I have to go out and buy CoD.
3 years ago#63
BlueJester007 posted...
No taxation without representation.

too bad the representation sucks.

anyway, TC I sure as hell wouldn't invest a whole lot of money in a system that's on it's way out. stick with whatever you're using right now and get the next Xbox when it's released
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3 years ago#64
fan360 posted...
Halo 4 $60
CoD $60
1 year Live $60
360 4gb (no harddrive) $200
Obama Tax $40

$400 total

Kind expensive for a 6 year old console. (without hard drive, only 1 controller, no kinetic, etc)
Don't you think?

The worst part is that if I buy all these in 1 place, people will think I am a sheep for buying 2 hyped games.

First, you care too much what others think of you

Second, you would still be paying the same taxes regardless of who is president

Third, not a dead console as it's still selling, still producing games, and a new console has yet to be released.

Fourth, you could pay monthly for live and or find Live on sale at various places.

You match skills are lacking, simple addition escapes you so how can you expect anyone here to take you seriously.
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3 years ago#65
Where are you shopping? I got my brand new 360 with hard drive and a new copy of Forza 4 (when it first came out) for 169.99.
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3 years ago#66
What the hell is Obama Tax? Did your Xbox deny you health insurance?

Also it's more like a 2-3 year old console because you got slim.
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