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How long have people played games for

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4 years ago#31
VasDeferens posted...
I'm a geezer. First videogame I played was arcade Pong. The first " console " I owned was also the home Pong player .

Yeah, my grandpa had the home Pong was the first system I played as well. My folks bought me the original NES when it came out and video games have been a fixture of my life since.
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4 years ago#32
I'm 19 and I started when I was 5 I think.
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4 years ago#33
Mid 70's (1976?) on some kind of Pong system my brother bought.
4 years ago#34
Started playing when I was 2-3 years old, so... 22-23 years.
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4 years ago#35
16 yrs ago I got my gaming habit started on a Playstation with 2Xtreme. Can you believe I actually liked that game back then? I'm 24 now.
4 years ago#36
My older brother gave me his snes when I was 8. When I was 10 he gave me a sega Saturn. My parents got me a playstation for christmas a few years later. I'm 25 now and have both ps3 and xbox360. Love both of them. My favorite game for the longest time was mortal kombat.
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4 years ago#37
I remember playing RBI Baseball and Duckhunt on an NES when I was very young. 4 or 5.
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4 years ago#38
I'm 27 and got a Master System at the age of 6 so been playing for 21 years....yikes!
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4 years ago#39
RPGNinja123 posted...
flipmode_1 posted...
I'm 24(25 in March). Been gaming since 90-91. Started out on NES with that Duck Hunt/ Super Mario Bros./ "Track" Game. Could never tell you the right title for that but we had the running pad and everything. I think my first game other than that cartridge was Zelda II. Boy, did I have no freaking idea what to do but it was a blast.

I remembered this too, I was born in 87, and one of my earliest memories was that damn Track and Field game.

Aaaaargh how I loathed that track and field game!!!
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4 years ago#40
Almost 4 on a friends PONG.
Just after I turned 4 my parents bought me an Atari 2600.
So around 35 years gaming.

Some favs...Uniracers, Master of Orion 2, Civilization 3, Timesplitters 2
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