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Length of black friday sales?

#1xXTEMPEST2XxPosted 11/17/2012 9:04:00 AM
Never really paid much attention to black friday until this year; however ill be unable to purchase anything until the monday right after black friday (in stores and online). Im planning on picking up the holiday bundle 360 with a few games, but will the sales still be going on a few days after friday? Otherwise i may as well buy it for 250$ now.
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#2Killah PriestPosted 11/17/2012 9:04:42 AM
Thursday and Friday.
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#3Halochief6Posted 11/17/2012 9:06:58 AM
You seem pretty SOL dude
#4Optimus_ConvoyPosted 11/17/2012 9:16:49 AM
Halochief6 posted...
You seem pretty SOL dude

Cyber Monday what?
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