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What are you doing on this day in gaming history?

#11SunDevil77Posted 11/18/2012 10:55:57 AM
Watchin some Football with the family, playing some Lego LoTR/Pokemon White 2, also bought It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 7, and Season 1 and 2 of Breaking Bad on Blu Ray. 'Tis a good day.
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#12viridislamentPosted 11/18/2012 2:35:09 PM
Going to pick up my Wii U when I get off work?
#13BlueJester007Posted 11/18/2012 2:36:58 PM
Jerking off.
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#14Super CreaturesPosted 11/18/2012 2:41:45 PM
Watching the Broncos hopefully stomp the Chargers again.
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