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Xbox LIVE Anniversary Xbox 360 console

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User Info: DirtyTactics

4 years ago#1
To try to understand how to narrow down if your getting one I thought I'd open this thread:

I received a call from Microsoft in Sept-Oct to confirm my current mailing address. They only said that they would be shipping me an item to show appreciation for my years of loyalty (I assumed it was a t-shirt and thought nothing more of it) . I received my system from UPS in a 2X1 1/2X1 1/2 box only marked "FRAGILE" in neon green. It was shipped from EPI marketing services in Battlecreek MI, at 13 lbs. Recieved it 11/16/12

I have only been a member of Xbox live for 8 years
My current gamer score is 165385
I have shipped 4 Xbox's back to Microsoft for RRoD, and 1 Zune 250gb I dropped (out of warranty, however Microsoft still replaced it)
This is my second year on a Xbox live family plan
This is my second year on a Zune 12 month pass
Rep 5 stars 77% preferred
I did not "like" Microsoft or Xbox360 on Facebook, I did not follow either on twitter
I have always had windows PC's and laptops since I can remember, never touched apple
Purchased both windows phone 7 & 8
This MAY be important ALL on my "Privacy & Online Setting" are allowed. IE receiving Xbox Marketing and Partner Marketing.

I hope more winners post so we can get and idea on who is getting 1, good luck guys.

User Info: NeWsKiLLz

4 years ago#2
Congrats bro! I been a member since first wave beta though I let my original gamertag expire right before 360 was released and couldn't recover it on my 360. Only sent one system back for repair but I have upgraded every time a new one was released and have purchased over 200 xbla titles and tons of other dlc. I won't get one, but I bought a Wii U for to satisfy my new system hunger. I gotta believe I'd be getting one of I never let my original tag expire for two weeks.
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