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black ops was better

#11Gaebora_KaeporaPosted 11/18/2012 8:47:41 PM
HEY. Ice Cube is the S***

damn straight
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#12AiuchiFanboiPosted 11/19/2012 6:33:36 AM
SunDevil77 posted...
crucial posted...
Blops1 was the worst in the series besides CoD 3

Maps were horrible at best (Nuketown and Firing range is it)
Sounds of guns and KS were awful
Only 3 good guns
Ice Cube
Last Stand Pro anyone?
Ghost was way op and everyone used it
Nerfed way to much
LMG's were never used and useless
Sniping was a joke
SP game was weak at best
Most people I know only played it for Zombie mode
Secondaries do I need to explain?

HEY. Ice Cube is the S***

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