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How was your Black Friday experience?

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User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#41
i didn't get 2k13. all out.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#42
CaIiber345 posted...

This is why I don't shop on Black Friday. People are savages.

This. Unless I'm going to save an absolute assload of money, I'm not going to even think about it. I just did all my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Some people get a charge out of the shopping, though, it's like a sport or something.
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User Info: Last Vampire

Last Vampire
4 years ago#43
Sucked. I work at Target, and instead of letting people inside in groups of 50-100, they decided to let everybody in at once. There was no plan for getting that many people to the checklanes, and eventually there was a line/mob of people that went around the perimeter of the store 2.5 times. Literally two and a half times. Fights broke out over people trying to get a place in the checkout line. Not even for items, but just a place in line to checkout.

Nevermind all the verbal abuse from entitled middle class ass wipes.
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User Info: L0Z

4 years ago#44
amazon didnt have much luck either. Most of the games had a waitlist as soon as the games became available. I managed to get Battlefield 3 Premium for $25, missed Forza Horizon and Ratchet and Clank collection but got Forza from the microsoft store instead for $15
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User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#45
I got the two games I was going for.

Wal-Mart had WWE 13 for $25 and L.A. Noire for $10.

However, I must say this was the most I got shoved around during Black Friday. The games I wanted were on two different sides of a game display pallet.

I got there early enough to get within arm's length of WWE (the game I wanted more) and as soon as the plastic wrap came off, everyone BUM RUSHED!!! The guy infront of me handed me a copy (super cool of him to do so) and I started heading for the outside of the crowd.

I just kept getting shoved around and had to yell out "PEOPLE!! I'M NOT YOUR COMPETITION ANY MORE!!! FIGHTING ME IS POINTLESS!!!!"

Wandered around to the other side and found a copy of L.A. Noire.
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User Info: JRS511

4 years ago#46
magemaximus posted...
i didn't get 2k13. all out.

That sucks man. I kind of figured though.
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User Info: videogameking33

4 years ago#47
Learned a few years ago about going to stores and will never do that again, just bought 6 games offline and got everything I very happy!

Sniper Elite V2
007 Legends from Best Buy

Forza Horizon
Assassin's Creed III from MS Store
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User Info: RycerX

4 years ago#48
The best deals this year were from the MS store. If I didn't already have them, I'da jumped all over BL2, AC3 and Forza Horizon. Three games for the price of one, and so soon after launch, can't beat that.

User Info: MestizoFreak

4 years ago#49
It went by really well. I only tagged along to help carry a TV my aunt needed. The Walmart had balloon beacons for hot items, and had shelves scattered with more stuff (there were Wiis and DVD players EVERYWHERE). Luckily, I managed to score a MW3-edition wireless headset for $26.

User Info: kaMMakaZZi29

4 years ago#50

I bought the Turtle Beach x12 headset from amazon for $34.99 and Borderlands 2 for $25. No tax and free 2 day shipping because I'm a prime member. No waiting in lines in the cold. Also got the Alien Anthology on blu ray the other day for $19.99.
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