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The game you've beat the most?

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User Info: MannerHatchery

4 years ago#221
Metal Gear Solid 2, Halo: CE, or Final Fantasy IX.
I've beat all three of those a ton of times, definitely more than any others.
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User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#222
Games that I played more than once or twice playthroughs....

Dragon Age: Origins- Played like 5 full playthroughs.
Dark Souls- Played like 3 full playthroughs, usually just idling around and ganking invaders
Pokemon- All of the versions, stuck with one playthrough per cart but it felt like the same game over and over again.
Riviera The Promised Land (GBA)- 5 full playthroughs for each new ending.
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User Info: Yamaguxhi

4 years ago#223
Parasite eve, oblivion, and metal gear solid.
Also mega man 2(still playin)
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#224
Both Kotor's and Pokemon Yellow. Can't remember how many times I beat either but it's a lot.
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User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

4 years ago#225
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say either

Super Mario World, Wing Commander IV, Journeyman Project 3, or Skies of Arcadia (DC)

But the latter three occupied much of early childhood so I can't say for sure which one. Skies I went through at least 20 times though.
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User Info: builder111

4 years ago#226
probably Zelda: A Link to the Past

User Info: fairyneko

4 years ago#227
zelda: Ocarina of time and dark cloud 2.

I have no idea which one has more as since i've owned them both for years...4 or 5 times each at least with dark cloud 2 being my favorite. (you can skip cutscenes...)

final fantasy 12 and kh: DDD, pokemon explorers of sky all tie with 2 plays each.

User Info: baxter28

4 years ago#228
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Damn good game.
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User Info: Akubunak

4 years ago#229
Kotor 1 & 2 (I still boot it back up every now and then)
Dragon Age: Origins... I've beaten it 5 times on ps3, then grabbed the ultimate edition on PC which I'm playing through now

User Info: Eagles931

4 years ago#230
Probably sonic adventure 2 battle for the GameCube......God I loved that game so much.

For current gen? I beat castle crashers like 4 times
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