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The game you've beat the most?

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4 years ago#41
Final Fantasy: Tactics, Toe Jam & Earl, River City Ransom
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4 years ago#42
Final Fantasy 7 for sure.

I don't know how many times I have completed that game.
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4 years ago#43
Metal Gear 3. Easily more than 50 times over.
4 years ago#44
Either Super Mario World or Turtles in Time.
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4 years ago#45
Most likely either Oblivion or Deus Ex: HR.
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4 years ago#46
probably Spelunky (both xbla and pc version), and MegaMan.
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4 years ago#47
Legend of Mana, first RPG I ever played and I was like in the 2nd grade or somewhere around there, didn't understand a thing that was going on, replayed till I was like level 70.
4 years ago#48
The game i've beaten the most is probably Mass Efect 2. I've beaten it about 3 times, and I plan to do it again at some point with a full Tali romance playthrough. That's what's great about the Mass Effect games; the choices.
4 years ago#49
Mario 3! Been beating that game over and over since 1990!
4 years ago#50
I can't remember the one played the most, but I've beaten Doom, Zelda: OoT and Star Fox 64 countless times.

Considering how little time it takes to 'beat' SF64, that very well may be the one, when you factor in collecting medals for all the planets. :3
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