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Do you like 100% completing a game?

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User Info: VandorLee

4 years ago#1
I mean everything like collectables and achievements.

I use to but then realized that not all 100% of games are enjoyable so now i play the majority until i run into something extra thats not fun to do. Then i move on to another game.
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User Info: Stray_Zero

4 years ago#2
Sometimes for me, but not all of the time though, since there may be other factors that might happen...>_>
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User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#3
i enjoy getting all the chevos in puzzle games because the chevos usually arent redundent, im not a fan of collect x amount of objects in a level or being forced to play multiplayer to 100% the game.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#4
I only like doing it when I really like the game. Most games I play I don't bother because I don't care.
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User Info: MasterFoxCheif3

4 years ago#5
Nope because its usually too time consuming and I'd rather just beat another game then spend over 30 hours trying to 100%. Achievements are useless.

User Info: SepticFlesh

4 years ago#6
Not reall. If I like a game, maybe but I usually don't go out of the way to check the achievements. If I get one, I get one.
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User Info: Warchild

4 years ago#7
I sort of do. Couple things I hate. Multiplayer achievements attached to mediocre games, meaning you will never get those achievements as there is no online community. Collect achievements suck. I was 1 orb short on Crackdown out of 500...what a waste. Also, I hate that DLC negates your classification as having perfected a game. If I 1000 a game, and do not buy the DLC, then I should get credit for it....yeah, I'm bitter. :)
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User Info: Dev445

4 years ago#8
Don't really care about getting all achievements anymore, but collectibles, costumes, skills, abilities, weapons, and items I care about. Also I try to complete all difficulties too.
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User Info: Nintatterdemon

4 years ago#9
Most games artifically extend the gameplay well beyond the point of it being fun to get 100%. Games that do it well with interesting challenges, sure, I like it.
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