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Wii u fans saying the 360 feels badly outdated

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User Info: squon8888

4 years ago#1
Compared to Wii u, do you agree?

User Info: Blade_Of_Ice

4 years ago#2
Nintendo is dead to me for what they've done so no, but am i waiting for the 720 and PS4 hell, yes. HURRY UP!!!

User Info: LanternOfAsh

4 years ago#3
Anyone with half a brain can see otherwise. Don't listen to these people. We all know the type.

User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#4
nintendo is a freaking joke, the fact of all these threads being made trying to say different proves the point.
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User Info: HughJorgenn

4 years ago#5
They would say that,they are WIIU fans. My cousin bought on for his kids and its is Nintendo entering the Hd gen. Lets see what they have to offer in a year. Of course in a year, if MS or Sony release a new console the WIIU will look weaker than s***.

User Info: Ecotron

4 years ago#6
Haven't played but in all seriousness if the 360 doesn't feel outdated then that is SAD. There should be a HUGE difference with the upcoming gen systems. Technology exponentially gets better. The fact that this is a triumph for Wii fans is sad. "Yeah so our system which came out 8 years after is better". Wait for the upcoming PS Orbis and Xbox 720, they will take a huge dump on the "Wii U"... what a pathetic feeble name.

User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#7
The 360 is running on tech that is close to 10 years old. It's massively outdated. So is the Wii U though. At least it's HD, so it won't look so horrible in comparison to the new generation like the Wii did.
It's better than bad.

User Info: Doukou

4 years ago#8
Wii U is outdated
Lower CPU
And Slower Ram

Atleast Nintendo gets HD for their games.
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User Info: blk911

4 years ago#9
PS3 still has untapped power. Look at upcoming ps3 exclusive Beyond Two souls. Top 5 of the best look game ever ever easily.

User Info: TheGam3925

4 years ago#10
They're both outdated.
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