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Just Beat Red Faction Armageddon on Insane

#1CountDogPosted 11/29/2012 11:15:21 PM
I picked this up real cheap from gamestop, yesterday, and just beat it today on Insane. It was okay, it was really easy, but to be honest the enemies were so lame to fight that making them more difficult would just not make anything fun about that game. Geo mod 2 is really cool, and I think it helps shape the atmosphere for that game. Weapons were really cool, minus the normal stuff you would expect.

Lame story, nothing too interesting.... The most annoying part I would have to say for me in that game was just how the same enemies were being thrown at you throught the entire game, not even a color change, and whats usually worse about that as well is that the game always sends them in hoards. I SPOILERS, I I ended up evasive rolling my way through most of the last part, where you have to destroy each tentacle in the hive.

Vehicles were all cool though. I think overall if I was to give this game a rating out of ten myself, and trying to still feel neutral about it, I would after beating on the hardest difficulty, give it a 6 out of 10, not trying to say it's bad by any means, but there are many concerns I would raise to the developer on possibilities that could be implemented into future titles to help improve on the gameplay aspects being featured in any other red faction game here on out.

Also I know the series is put on hold or cancelled though so it wouldn't matter now, Sad to see a series die though, I thought red faction has always had a little more potential concerning the possibility of returning to the FPS genre again.

Well I guess i'll just return this on the morrow then....SIA