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So people diss the dead island game because it was a very hard game?

#11Robin_MaskPosted 12/1/2012 9:13:48 PM
shawnmck posted...
Robin_Mask posted...

Hey, Mario is to Fallout like Dead Island is to other games when it comes to double-standards.

^ No offense, but WHAT are you talking about ?

Both Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Island shipped with a lot of bugs (FO:NV more so).
Yet Fallout: NV gets a pass, whereas Dead Island doesn't.

How does Mario fit into the equation ?

Nintendo and it's franchises can keep on making sequels over and over without any sort of problem, even if Pokemon gets that treatment and starts to screw over people even more. But it isn't okay that Halo or GTA get any sort of sequels, due to idiots saying it's the same game for example.
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#12Auron772Posted 12/1/2012 9:15:52 PM
I diss the game because I found it incredibly mediocre. I wish another open-world zombie game could come along that's sorta like GTA but with Zombies.
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#13Gwildor123Posted 12/1/2012 9:19:40 PM
Have it on the PS3 and I had a BLAST playing the game. Will play it again next week.
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#14SoF-RamboPosted 12/1/2012 9:30:47 PM
Auron772 posted...
I diss the game because I found it incredibly mediocre. I wish another open-world zombie game could come along that's sorta like GTA but with Zombies.

I've actually been blueprinting one for a long time, but I just don't see it happening on this or next gen, seeing as it would probably fill, like 3 blu-ray disks, or 10 Xbox disks. :/
When I mean open world, I mean all of it. Like Flight Sim, on the ground, with a varying # of zeds and survivors based on where you are in the world. Like you find lots of zeds and very few survivors in somewhere like Time Square in NY. Take a trip to the Georgia countryside, however, and you'll find a buttload of survivors, with a couple zombies here and there.

Pretty sure the only thing that comes close is DayZ, which I really want to play.
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#15HulkxxSMASHPosted 12/2/2012 2:38:39 AM
I don't diss the game - in fact I rarely mention I have it. Why did I personally not like it though? It became pretty repetitive with a mission structure built around fetch quests. I played a good chunk then stopped.

Had more fun jumping into my co-op buddies games after that because despite them being further in the game than me, I was a higher level and the zombies were at their level. I can see some point to zombies being around your level, but if they consistently catch up then there's not much point in levelling up.
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#16Blade_Of_IcePosted 12/2/2012 3:05:53 AM
lol my buddies and i played this for a good while, one of us wasnt exactly a fan of the RPG angle and continuosly ran in figuring BOOM HEADSHOT would work, it was always funny listening to him flip out XD
#17troyplokhooyPosted 12/2/2012 3:07:26 AM
Splice_ posted...
Pwnostar posted...
Or maybe people "diss" the game because they just didn't like it. That's always a possibility too.

I red boxed it day one... I hit a game ending glitch and didn't feel like restarting. I also encountered a completely seperate glitch at the same time. I made a video:

This was the first thing I thought of when the word "glitch" was mentioned. This exact video.
#18NemerlightPosted 12/2/2012 3:31:59 AM
I never heard anyone say that Dead Island was hard. You get so much money later on you can have enough medkits to last you forever. Great game by the way but i got bored before i could finish it.