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Warner Bros should try and buy Vigil Games(Darksiders) and 4A Games(Metro).

#1EternalWolfPosted 12/2/2012 2:11:04 AM
THQ is close to finished. The games they are publishing arent in danger of being released, at all, but they are pretty much done. Warner Bros currently owns Rocksteady(Batman) and NetherRealm Studios(Mortal Kombat). So basically they have Metroid: Batman Edition and Mortal Kombat. If they acquired Darksiders/Zelda/Soul Reaver that would probably be pretty big. They still wouldnt have a FPS developer, but 4A Games has an awesome engine and Warner Bros could do so much with that.

Hell, even Obsidian would be a good edition. Look at how good a job they have done replicating South Park. Looney Tunes RPG anyone? South Park will likely be one of if not their last game, but that engine could really benefit Warner Bros and we would have to wait and see if Obsidian can deliver on the gameplay and production values.

The thought of one company owning the rights to some varied and quality indepent developers is pretty intriguing. It almost seems like a dream scenario really, like the modern Nintendo. Warner Bros could become a huge player in the industry if they did this...
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