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Help With start up on 360

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4 years ago#1
Hey all. Been using my 360 forever lol and i ran into a current issue and i didn't know where else to ask. As of recently i am unsure if this is a video setting or from a current update but you know when you first turn on the 360 and my settings is to not load the current game in the tray but the x box live dashboard.

well not that this is a big issue but sometimes i will turn on my 360 first then my tv. Before it would automatically load right into the dashboard. Currently when i turn my tv on second, the 360 won't load until the tv starts up ok? Same issue i have had with netflix. say i dunno need to change over to my cable box and pause whatever i am watching on netflix.

i have my 360 on video 7 and my cable box on video 8. i go to dvr something and when i come back to the 360/netflix i get a red message and need to re load the show be it movie or tv show.

does this sound odd to you? i have checked every setting and i can't for the life of me figure out wtf is going on lol. thanks
4 years ago#2
Are you using HDMI? Do you have display discovery on?
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4 years ago#3
ya i am using hdmi. i always used the regular cables but got a new one. is display recovery under settings? i will check it out now
4 years ago#4
ok i have under hdtv settings 1080p. i didn't know if i should have chose optimal resolution since i know the tv can support 1080p.

display recovery is enabled, still dunno what it does lol.
4 years ago#5
anyone else? kinda annoyed by this lol
4 years ago#6
turn display discovery off
4 years ago#7
what does it do? i was confused by the description it gave
4 years ago#8
the 360 automatically checks what kinda tv you have will only let you select setting that are compatible

but with some tvs it doesn't work properly and forces you to choose settings that may not be optimal
4 years ago#9
hmm well i will try it out and see what happens
4 years ago#10
ya even with the thing off it still does it. tried it earlier. turned on my 360 and not the tv, was getting dressed for work. after a minute turned the tv on and i noticed the controller's light instead of lighting up player 1 like normal was just circling. when the tv went on the 360 logo lit up and i was brought to the dashboard and i'm like sheesh what is up with this lol.

not that it's a major issue but oh well just gota get used to it i guess
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