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Lego game fans, which lego games would you want to see?

#1MilkinNipplePosted 12/3/2012 8:05:44 AM
I myself would love these:

Legon Ghostbusters
Lego Back to the Future
Lego Studio Ghibli!

Also Lego Hobbit, but that's a shoe in since they just did Lego Lord of the Rings. Luckily for us!

What about you?
#2DarkJaydragonPosted 12/3/2012 8:07:23 AM
Lego saw.
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#3lninjasoniclPosted 12/3/2012 8:13:14 AM
Lego Ninja Turtles
Lego X-Men
Lego Power Rangers
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#4RycerXPosted 12/3/2012 8:14:17 AM
I'm not all that into the Lego games, but if they make a Lego Ghostbusters, I will own it, I will play it, I will kick its ass.
#5BlueJester007Posted 12/3/2012 8:16:57 AM
Lego: The Walking Dead
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#6Brass_EyePosted 12/3/2012 8:30:15 AM
Lego Marvel needs to be made now!
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#7SR71haloPosted 12/3/2012 8:33:26 AM
Lego Avengers
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#8mrhappyguy12345Posted 12/3/2012 8:37:03 AM
Lego Jurassic Park.
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#9pothocketPosted 12/3/2012 8:40:05 AM
Lego Honey I Shrunk the Kids
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#10UnkownMGO646Posted 12/3/2012 8:41:14 AM
Lego GTA
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