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Anyone here like to *buy* themselves a present for Christmas?

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User Info: HaloODSTD

4 years ago#1
Always wanted a Halo action figure, maybe Bane too.

User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#2
I did... My Asus Tablet twice... Yeah, long story lol.

User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#3
I don't do it for Christmas, but my birthday is in January, so I usually get myself a combo present sometime in that month or Feb. I'd get it sooner, but it usually takes me a month to recover from getting other people Christmas stuff!
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User Info: BuckVanHammer

4 years ago#4
me and my girlfriend usually get ourselves something together so we dont end up with crap we dont want. which usually ends up being some kinda of expensive electronics that i talk her into.
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#5
i sure do! but this year i guess i bought blazblue for myself. i was buying a copy for someone as a present, got jealous and bought myself a copy. but i am playing it now so its an early gift?

on black friday i also bought deus ex , rage and graphics card for my pc . using all of that stuff now so i dont know if i can say i truly bought myself a present this year . im using it all now so ...

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User Info: AJ2412

4 years ago#6
Just did not too long ago. Bought myself Batman: Arkham City GOTY during Black Friday. I'm not playing it until Christmas though.
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User Info: IceteaCrisis

4 years ago#7
I did for Black Friday so i knew i would get what i wanted and got it at a price that i felt was good, buying the presents for yourself is a win win even if you don't open then until Christmas day "because they are presents"

It's better then getting something you can't get any use out of or getting a gift card for a place you don't shop at.

Imagine ending up with a 25 dollar gift card to GameStop from that relation you only seen once a year that just knows you kind of enjoy games, or even worse a gift card to an eatery you don't like.
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User Info: Blade_Of_Ice

4 years ago#8
in the past few months i've bought 2 $600 busts from side show collectables, a new laptop, and will soon be buyin a new tv but...

I absolutely hate christmas sooooooo Nope i'm just spending money like i always do

User Info: Yamaguxhi

4 years ago#9
Yes. Treating myself to a gaming pc very soon.
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