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Game Series that you love that needs another sequel

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User Info: jaymart_2k

4 years ago#1
Crash Bandicoot
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User Info: kidwgm

4 years ago#2
Would love a New Crash game! Fable would be nice.
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User Info: Treewaller

4 years ago#3
Resident Evil and Dino Crisis with Mikami back at the helm.
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User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#4
Mutant League Sports.

There's no excuse good enough to explain why this isn't happening.
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User Info: DXiRoNMaN

4 years ago#5
Resident Evil 7 with nothing but QTEs
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#6
Conker plz
I am also eagerly awaiting a new Metroid and Starfox game
I need another Red Dead
Doom 4
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User Info: Sipher360

4 years ago#7
1. Quake

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User Info: AngryMilitia

4 years ago#8
Star Wars Battlefront
Sid Meier's Pirates

User Info: Ryan2002

4 years ago#9
Dark Forces/Jedi Knight/Jedi Outcast/Whatever the hell this series is actually called now
A Jose Canseco bat? Tell didn't pay money for this.

User Info: MrCandyland89

4 years ago#10
Jak And Daxter
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