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what should I play next? Hitman, FC3,AC3?

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User Info: pajamo

4 years ago#1
I personally love the world of Hitman Absolution the most but I find the gameplay a tad too trial and error to me,

Far Cry 3 maybe?

Assassin's Creed III the humor is great and the world looks stunning but not sure if I'm ready to commit to a big 40 hour game.
gamertag and psn: pajamo

User Info: SSJGrimReaper

4 years ago#2
Sounds like your leaning toward FC3 anyway so I say give it a go

User Info: snake spiegal

snake spiegal
4 years ago#3
You may be a bit disappointed by hitman. I personally enjoyed it a lot, but many disliked that its a bit more linear now.

AC3 is buggy and felt boring at times.

Far Cry so far has been great. The characters are interesting and the world is fleshed out.

I like to save the best for last so I would go through AC3 first, but I have a feeling you'll get bored before anything interesting happens. So play hitman first and then far cry.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#4
id probably get hitman done with since its the shortest. throw the difficulty to easy and youll have no trouble getting through it. FC3 and AC3 can both be 30+ hour games if you want them to be.

User Info: buster1980

4 years ago#5
Black Ops 2
An interesting online hockey experience. Join, you're gonna like :D

User Info: ill-thoughts

4 years ago#6
AC3 = AC2 with Indians...just watch a walk through.

Hit Ab you might enjoy for the Contracts mode but it COMPLETELY destroys the open endedness in the it.

if you liked Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3 is the same thing...except with animals that eat your face when you least expect it....and the map editor is GODLY.

FC3 = Winner
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User Info: TheGrandFinale

4 years ago#7
I'm a huge fan of Assassin's Creed and still think that ACII is one of the best games this gen. Go with Far Cry 3.

User Info: pajamo

4 years ago#8
I might try Hitman on easy. Good advice since what I would like is to enjoy the characters and world.

Then FC3!
gamertag and psn: pajamo
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