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The phantom pain stills . Metal gear solid 5

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If The Phantom Pain is MGSV, why do they have three Metal Gear games announced? I've never seen a series to announce a game, another game and its sequel in a series all at the same time?

After 5 long years, I'm finally gonna get my hands on MGS Rising. I remember when they only put 1 teaser of Raiden new look for the game and after a few months the gameplay trailer. After that a long hiatus because of development struggle and then when they announced that they handed the game to PG it was amazing news because we thought it was gonna get canned.

I still reminisce on that trailer. It was amazing and still better than what we've seen now. But, Revengeance will have to do. At least it isn't canon.

Has this "non-canon" garbage EVER actually been confirmed?


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"Once a child soldier raised in war and brainwashed to be a ruthless killer, Raidenís origins are ripe for exploration. Kojima has always stated that Rising is not canon, but this clean slate didnít result in Platinum having complete freedom over the gameís world."
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