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9 Year Old Girl getting 360 for Christmas

#61SharkbiteR6Posted 12/10/2012 10:36:12 AM
two words....Mini Ninjas, trust me on this one
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#62StilgharPosted 12/10/2012 10:38:59 AM
Kinectimals, if you have the Kinect and enough room.
#63deimos91Posted 12/10/2012 10:40:45 AM
get her something else shes too young for a 360
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#64MertensCWPosted 12/10/2012 10:51:45 AM(edited)
Eternal Sonata
Your choice of Lego games
Any kid movie licensed game.
Halo games - kids love the Halo.
Bayonetta for a strong female character, the language and theme might be too much though, but depends on the kid.

Phrostbyte101 posted...
I hate to say it but the

Kinect /w few games

Few Favorites- Ninja gaiden 1-2, Colony Wars 1-3,Xenogears,MarioKart,Lunar 2 GTA:SA,S&K,FF6-7,Zanac,S.Metroid,SMB2,NFL2K5,Halo 2, NG2,Vanquish,Witcher 2.
#65BlueJester007Posted 12/10/2012 10:55:03 AM
RPG_Apostle posted...
Lee: "We gotta figure out what the f*** we're going to do."
Clem: "Swear."
Lee: "Sorry."

See. Family values folks.
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#66BlueJester007Posted 12/10/2012 10:55:03 AM
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#67corex3dPosted 12/10/2012 11:00:10 AM
viva pinata
#68loismPosted 12/10/2012 11:04:34 AM
the 360 games for the girls:

toy story 3
any lego video games
child eden
#69cell2355Posted 12/10/2012 11:09:28 AM
FirelanderX posted...
Gears of War

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#70Megaman_Crazy(Topic Creator)Posted 12/10/2012 11:24:49 AM
Well I'm back. I didn't realize a thread with this would end up with so many posts.

So some points. She's getting a 360 because her parents are getting a 360. I don't live with my parents anymore, It's just my parents and my sister in the house. My parents are netflix addicts, and I feel bad watching them use the wii with R/Y/W for netflix on their 55" TV.

As far as game recommendations, I'm going to stick to E/E10. I leave my parents the parenting decisions on higher ratings.

Games I'm considering that I've played
BK: Nuts & Bolts
Sonic Generations
Lego Harry Potter/Batman/Starwars/Indiana Jones
Super Meat Boy
Burnout Paradise

Games I'm not considering that I've played
Portal 2 [a tad cynical for a 9 year old girl]
Gears Of War [lol]

Other things I'm looking into:
Viva Pinata
'Splosion Man

Other notes:
No Kinect, no room.

I'm thinking about some kind of karaoke game, singing is the only thing she ever wants to do while I'm playing rockband. Wondering if anyone knows what the best game would be of that type.

Thanks for the help so far!
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