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What is the GREATEST moment or memory you have related to video games?

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User Info: En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur
4 years ago#11
- The Mega Man series on NES.

- Getting my Genesis at Christmas one year as a kid, and playing Sonic, Streets of Rage, and Toejam & Earl.

- Getting my SNES and Street Fighter 2.

- Staying up all night to play Shining Force with friends of mine.

- Discovering Squaresoft RPGs on the SNES like Chrono Trigger.

Those are some of the earlier ones that stand out for me. I always adored Sega/Capcom/Square until this gen...
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User Info: ffgameman

4 years ago#12

- The three weeks straight I rented Harvest Moon for the SNES. I never could find it in stock locally but I loved that game. Finally, I found it at a Toys R Us in a nearby city.

- The Christmas and following months I received/played FF VII.

- Playing the first few hours of Final Fantasy X the Christmas I received it.

- Memories from hooking up my Dreamcast/Sonic Adventure and various other Dreamcast games (Skies of Arcadia, Grandia III, Crazy Taxi, Power Stone, Jet Grind Radio, NFL/NBA 2K). Such an underrated and forgotten system.
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User Info: HELZERO

4 years ago#13
Ghost Recon 2
Far cry 3

Too epic to explain

User Info: BDza

4 years ago#14
-My dad coming home from a business trip and tossing me a t-shirt. I unfolded it and realized it was a Sonic 2 t-shirt that you would get from Toys r us for preordering Sonic 2! He had bought it because he made a good chunk of money on the trip and bought everyone something. My first day with Sonic 2 was also a good memory.

-Getting to Wily's final level in Megaman 2 and beating it. Such great chip tunes.

-The months I spent playing FF7 the first time through were very enjoyable and soon after I was hunting down past RPGs I had missed like Chrono Trigger and FF6.

-The day I got my PS2 after waiting overnight outside the store. People on my dorm floor were coming in all day to check it out.

-Playing New Super Mario Bros Wii with my sons for the first time. They had so much to learn about Mario holding the run button all the time.

-Watching my oldest son play Mario Galaxy the first time. It reminded me of when I played Super Mario 3 for the first time at a friends house. That awe look on his face and his jaw half open was probably the same face I made playing through World 1-1 of SMB3.

-Most recently was finding out Xenoblade would get a US release...I still have not finished the game after spending about 4 months playing it daily.

-Playing Skyrim for the first time and getting into my first battle with a dragon. So much to explore and so little time...

Man I should stop, I could go on and on like the old wind bag I am.
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User Info: BDza

4 years ago#15
nothingbeast posted...
When the SNES came out, it's the only thing I wanted.

I begged my parents for it, but I knew it was such a HOT item that it would be very difficult to get. Most stores were always sold out.

Christmas eve (when my family celebrated) I opened all of my gifts... and no SNES. But I got some cool NES games, and wasn't a brat about it.

The next morning I woke up to play with my new toys, and my parents were already awake to make breakfast. My dad hands me a wrapped box. For a moment I think "It's an SNES!!!!" and tore the paper off.

It was a box of frozen pancakes. Again, I was a little disappointed, but didn't let it get me down. "At least now we have breakfast!"

My dad opened the box of pancakes..... and there was my SNES.

I think my neighbors heard me scream for joy.

One of my best Christmas moments as a child.

Thats awesome and I now have a great idea for how to give my son his 3DS this Christmas.
<G>A Brother who always helps the widow's son; are you a traveling man too?<G>
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User Info: HeLeeham

4 years ago#16
Playing Pokemon Red for the first time. My friend got both Red and Blue and said I could playing his Red. He lived literally 5 seconds away so I would go to his everyday to play. We eventually caught every Pokemon. The last Pokemon we traded to finish it was Pincer and Syther.

User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#17
The first time I played Final Fantasy VII and being astounded that I had a whole magical world to explore.
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#18
BlueJester007 posted...
When I saw Jill's kitty in Resident Evil 5. :)

Whu whu WHAAAT? That happened? DLC? Microsoft points? *readies credit card*
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User Info: SlimeSwayze

4 years ago#19
Coming home from school (possibly the last day of school) when I was in 5th grade and seeing that my mom had bought me a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. I was pretty happy about that.

Playing the Legend of Zelda for the first time is up there. And more recently, defeating a few of the bosses in Dark Souls with the help of some friendly phantoms was a pretty amazing experience.
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User Info: RHDF20BPrelude

4 years ago#20
Of course, all the XMAS gift systems as a kid. NES, Gens, SNES.

Playing MVC1 on Dreamcast, the first arcade perfect home Capcom fighter.

Getting a call on PS2 launch from a buddy EB worker that a system was being held if I wanted it (I didn't preorder)

Beating Justin Wong in Super Turbo.

Almost beating Daigo in a casual SSFIV match. With a small amount of health left, Ryu VS Ryu, I had him in the corner, I hit C.MK > EX Hado.... I'm not really a SFIV player, so I didn't know I could link Ultra 1 after a corner EX Hado at the time. That would have killed him. I remember that so vividly. Daigo was probably like WTF.

Playing the grandeur of Test Drive Unlimited for the first time.
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