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What was the best game of this past generation? (PS3/360/Wii)

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4 years ago#61
Katawa Shoujo
4 years ago#62
Heavy Rain , Deus Ex Human Revolution or Catherine.
4 years ago#63
In my opinion

Red dead redemption
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4 years ago#64
benjamin3740 posted...

The best game of this year, and also the least played game of this year! Oh, if only it wasn't a Gamestop exclusive....then maybe it'd get the respect it deserves..... :/

^ This
4 years ago#65
no way i could pick one either

however runner ups for me would be:

the witcher 2
mass effect
mass effect 2
uncharted 2
uncharted 3
heavy rain
super mario galaxy 2
legend of zelda skyward sword
4 years ago#66
If you can't count the Mass Effect Trilogy,
Fallout 3.
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4 years ago#67
Super Mario Galaxy for me.

I hate to be that guy, but objectively, it's pretty obvious what the game of the generation is. Call of Duty 4 modern warfare.

It has easily made the most impact on the gaming landscape, for better or worse.
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4 years ago#68
The Walking Dead:
Story > Graphics

Fallout 3:
Story > Graphics
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4 years ago#69
"Tales of Grace f" was finally localized. It's a great "Tales.." game for gamers new to the series or veterans. The first "Tales.." game where I never got lost or had to consult a FAQ. Easy mode also for noobs.

This was aslo a great generation for handhelds, IMO. The DS dominated for good reason. The PSP had its gems but tried too hard to emulate console experiences, like games designed for dual analog.
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4 years ago#70
Mass Effect WINS
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