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Games that made you cry

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2 years ago#271
I wonder if DMC made Satan cry or not...
"Captain Falcon wasn't confirmed for Brawl. Brawl was confirmed for Captain Falcon."
2 years ago#272
Metal gear solid 3, I played it for the first time on my xbox and man was it sad.
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2 years ago#273
I'll say Snake Eater for right now. Not straight up crying, but having to actually shoot the Boss, then learning she wasn't a traitor, and seeing Snake tear up himself elicited some watery eyes from me.

The fact that I finished the game after playing for four hours at 3 in the morning may have had something to do with it, but damn. What a thrill.
2 years ago#274
CODBO2, I cried at how terrible the game is and yet people still support it
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2 years ago#275
Little Big Planet on the PSP... I would create a level and the thing would corrupt and I would lose all my work... I don't get emotionally attached to characters in video games so none...
I want a Champions of Norrath HD collection...
2 years ago#276
links awakening
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2 years ago#277
Pechabuster posted...
So many people said Walking Dead Episode 3, what was so special about it?

It's probably when they realised the game was on rails.
2 years ago#278
No games because thy are just games, I don't cry unless its something real like my wedding or birth of my child or when my grandma died never due to a video game.
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