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You're First Game On 360 That Made You Go

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4 years ago#61
Bought an Xbox360 at the same time I got my 40" HDTV. Previously only had a Wii and a PS3 on my 21" SDTV. Started up Bioshock, which I hadn't yet played at the time. I was completely blown away, and I loved it.

"Next gen" ended up biting me in the ass, though, since both my Xbox360 and my PS3 eventually went on to break outside of warranty, after two free Xbox repairs, and one paid PS3 repair.
No Zombie is safe from Chicago Ted
4 years ago#62
Halo 3
4 years ago#63
call of duty 2
4 years ago#64
EA Skate
4 years ago#65
Spaceballs the Signature
4 years ago#66
The Lost Planet demo


Then CoD 2 or GRAW.
Playing: Borderlands 2(PS3), Mark of the Ninja, X-COM EU (360)
Wants: The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite, HL3
4 years ago#67
Gears of War
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4 years ago#68
Definitely Mass Effect 1
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4 years ago#69
That King Kong game. The 360 pretty much made me crap my pants since the begining.
In every loss, in every lie, in every truth that you'd deny
And each regret and each goodbye was a mistake too great to hide.
4 years ago#70
Got my xbox 360 today, so far its Halo 4 for me
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