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Your Favorite Game Franchise of All Time?

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3 years ago#41
Kingdom Hearts followed closely by the Tales series.
3 years ago#42
It used to be Sonic, until the mid-to-late '00s when he had streak of terrible games. He's gotten back on track, but it's still not quite enough.

Then it was Devil May Cry, until this stupid DmC crap.

I guess I'd have to choose the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.
3 years ago#43
Sonic and Halo.
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3 years ago#44
Mario. =)
Video games are awesome.
3 years ago#45
1. Legend of Heroes
2. Ys
3. Suikoden
4. Shadow Hearts
3 years ago#46
Final Fantasy
3 years ago#47
I would have to say the D-Souls games.
Demon's Souls was my first game, and then Dark Souls came out and furthered the love...and now DS2 has been announced.

But it used to be Resident Evil until later installments killed it for me.
I still like the games (RE5 & RE6), but they are no longer what they used to be and are no longer "great".

Then I would have chosen the Uncharted franchise....but when Dark Souls was released, then that was when the D-Souls franchise became my favorite.

But it may or may not remain my favorite over time.
3 years ago#48
KroganBallEater posted...
bigphil2003 posted...
Hard to look past Super Mario to be honest

Too bad the past 4 Mario games were rehashes.

Galaxy 2 and 3D Land were rehashes? You said "past 4 games" lol
Video games are awesome.
3 years ago#49
Metal Gear Solid. Great characters, great story even considering all the convolution and amazing voice acting. Everything I look for in a great game series except for story choices, but I still love it.
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3 years ago#50
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