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Which game/games have made you cry this generation?

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4 years ago#11
I've never properly cried but I have teared up in times at two games. First is The Walking Dead when Carley got shot by Lilly, the whole Katjaa and Duck thing and the end of Episode 5. And also Mass Effect 3 when Mordin sacrificed himself, Thane's death, the end of Rannoch with Legion and Tali and also the Extended Cut ending.
4 years ago#12
Not really current gen but I played MGS3 on the HD collection and teared up a little on the inside.
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4 years ago#13
Xenoblade made me cry on the inside but not physically on the outside
4 years ago#14
Skyrim.......I thouht it was suppossed to be good. When realized it wasn't, i may have cried ,cursed,and thrown myself on the floor like a woman. Allegedly.
4 years ago#15
Red dead redemption got me. I didn't cry but came close.

when they shot John marston brutally and the mom and son started crying. It made my eyes watery . But when jack kills that guy in the end I was very happy
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4 years ago#16
I have never cried over a video game.
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4 years ago#17
Lost Odyssey
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4 years ago#18
Lost Odyssey... I never asked for that many feels.
4 years ago#19
Lost Odyssey.
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4 years ago#20
Lost Odyssey
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