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the most scary horror game's you've ever played

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User Info: BeastLeeAdams

4 years ago#31
I found Amnesia to be pretty boring, could only play mayb 15 mins, before I was like: "Wow, what am I supposed to do?"

User Info: Game_king87

4 years ago#32
The old Resident Evil games on PS one and N64 use to give me a few good scares (resident evil 4 - 6 are sh!t ).
Silent Hill 1 and 2 , never played the other ones.
Amnesia on PC has to be the scariest game i ever played though.
Alan Wake had some suspense and scary moments.

Cannot remember any other games at the moment.
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User Info: Gamerater66

4 years ago#33
Dead Space 2.

User Info: brutalrhino

4 years ago#34
Amnesia is the only correct answer here.
Although, some honorable mentions are the Penumbra series, Slender, and Deadly Premonition.
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User Info: el_pajolero

4 years ago#35
Out of the most recent ones definitely Lone Survivor, but my top horror game is Silent Hill 2.
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#36
GameFAQs is the scariest thing to me, as there are people who believe that "game's" is the correct way to form the plural of game.
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User Info: AngelWithaHat

4 years ago#37
Fatal Frame 1 on the original Xbox with a broken controller that wouldn't turn right.
That's nightmare mode.

User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#38
RE 2
RE 3
Silent Hill 1 & 2 scared me half to death.

it's funny because the only thing that scares the crap out of me is if something I didn't see/expect suddenly jumps out at me from my peripheral vision.
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User Info: oblivionpro

4 years ago#39

User Info: CanibusNotepad

4 years ago#40
The only game that really scared me was Resident Evil on the PSX but I was like 13 and it was my first real horror game.

Surprised nobody brought up Eternal Darkness...the psych outs are pretty creepy.
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