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Xbox Live: No Longer the Gold Standard

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4 years ago#101
Keep the conditioning crap to yourself, that's how you rationalize it. Sit there and boycott paying for Xbox Live all you want. I'll be enjoying Halo 4, while chatting with all of my online friends in a single party and loving it.
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4 years ago#102
I completely agree with the article, but unfortunately, Halo 4 made me a hypocrite. It really does stink shelling out for online privilage when i also have a PS3, but most of my gaming library is on the 360.

Aside from Halo though, I am moving my multiplayer gaming slowly towards my newer PS3. I'm playing Battlefield 3 and Borderlands 2 on the PS3 and loving the free mp.
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4 years ago#103
Halo 4 is certainly a great product. that doesnt change the fact that you're being hosed by a corporation charging you top dollar for matchmaking and VOIP technologies that many companies willingly offer for free.
4 years ago#104
I don't just pay Live for playing online. I mainly pay Live for many games that get discounted only for gold members. Also, I never pay full price for Live. Hell, I just bought 12 months live for $40 at Best Buy today. Sony fanboys are just mad that they can't afford Xbox Live service.
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4 years ago#105
I don't care, I like Halo. You know it's not fair men pay more for insurance of all kinds by default but you don't see that changing anytime soon either for the same reason...
"Tuam ipsam vive vitam quia tuam ipsam oppetes mortem" ---Live your own life, for you will die your own death
4 years ago#106
From: Nintendological | #092
CaPwnD posted...
From: Nintendological | #049
You say they are not similar services

I never said that.


CaPwnD posted...
PSN is not the same service as XBL

Please don't make a semantic argument over the words, "similar" and "same" as the implication I am addressing should be clear...

Give me a f***ing break! I said that they are not the same. You are trying to curve the edges, using the word similar. Of course they're similar. But you do not get the same experience playing PSN that you do playing XBL. If you game online with friends, you know this. For the rest of the people, well they make dumb articles like the one posted at gamespot.
Thrash Zone
4 years ago#107
From: ilikemilkmmm | #099
cmacinnis posted...
That or we just don't have money problems like the rest of you apparently do...

see? you take personal satisfaction in your ability to give more money to corporations for services that competitors offer for free, and you're happy about it. you're a great customer. you've been conditioned

People shop at Aldi and other places that sell generic food just to save some money too. Does that mean that those that don't, or those that choose to pay a little more for something better are conditioned?
Thrash Zone
4 years ago#108
See Steam.

The only reason that M$ can charge money is that they have no competition within the Xbox ecosystem.
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4 years ago#109
gabrius posted...
Travarkoth posted...
My resolve weakens whenever a new Halo is released. The lure of slaying irascible hunters with three like-minded Spartans by my side trumps the lone supersoldier experience, so I willfully ignore the greedy means that make such a feat possible. But I can no longer run from the harsh truth of reality like so many foolhardy grunts. Xbox Live Gold is an antiquated dinosaur that no longer fits within this industry. It's an exploitive service that takes advantage of people's innate desire to connect with others, charging significant money ($59.99/year, or $9.99/month) for features given away for free on competing platforms. As the next generation approaches, it's time for Microsoft to shelve this nickel-and-diming venture once and for all.

It's a concept that people who are immersed in gaming take for granted, but sounds downright crazy when viewed from a different angle. Shelling out your hard-earned cash for Halo 4 doesn't get you everything; you also need to pony up for a Gold subscription if you want access to the lion's share of content you paid for. The much-heralded multiplayer mode is completely closed off, as is playing through the campaign online with friends. Even Spartan Ops, which can be enjoyed alone if you pay Microsoft's subscription fee, is inexplicably kept away from people who don't part with some extra money. This is a ridiculous barrier that doesn't exist on any other system or in any other medium. Microsoft's ardent desire to force people to pay more money means that you might not get to experience the entire game that you just purchased.

[...] The reason why Microsoft insists on using this draconian pricing method is clear: They make money from it. But it's time that customers take precedence over coins. Cordoning off entire sections of a game from people who paid good money for that product is indefensible, and Microsoft is only hurting itself by forcing people to go through pay hoops to access non-gaming apps. Although my resolve weakens whenever a new Halo is released, I recognize that Gold is an exploitive business practice that should disappear into the ether when the next generation arrives.

Saw this on Gamespot, was interesting to read. What do you guys think?

The bolded is all you need to read to know that the author of this article is a complete moron.

I just got 12 months + 3200MSP for $42 earlier this week - obviously someone is doing this thing totally wrong.

Uh, he technically isn't wrong. People who don't know any better (and this is a lot of people) pay the standard pricing year in and year out. Not everyone is as "intelligent" as you are. - Super Bowl XLVI Champions - NY Giants
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4 years ago#110
From: kidersx | #108
See Steam.

The only reason that M$ can charge money is that they have no competition within the Xbox ecosystem.

Steam is great, though maybe it's just me but Steam doesn't feel as social as XBL. Maybe I need to plug in a mic during online games to activate chat... But I never hear people talking in the games I play.
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