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So why'd Microsoft let go of Mass Effect?

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3 years ago#21
From: Winternova | #019
hellmasterp posted...
Owning something and developing something are two different things. EA OWNS the Mass Effect IP. If they want to put the first game on the DS, they can. Microsoft has no say in what EA does with the series now. It does not matter if they developed the first game or not.
What you are not understanding is who owns the IP, and that is EA, previous games be damned. EA can do whatever they want with the series and all the games related to it.

Bioware owned the IP, that is true, but Microsoft had the exclusive publishing rights for the first game. Those rights had to be transferred to EA for Mass Effect Trilogy to be released on the PS3, which they were. You do realize that each of the exclusive rights granted by copyright law can be transferred to another party, right?

And I am not disagreeing with you, It really does not matter what has happened in the past since we are talking about the now. But the others are wanting to talk about the past issues.

From: LandfillAO | #018

Mass Effect 1, first published by Microsoft in 2007, will remain exclusive to Xbox 360.

"And the original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive, making Xbox 360 the only place to get the full Mass Effect experience," the company added.


Sure seems like MS had a say in it to say with such confidence that it would remain a 360/pc exclusive. Otherwise the game would have been ported to the PS3 from the start, A lot of people I know passed up on ME2 because they hadn't plated ME1 and it's definitely not a series to bring to another console without the first installment, EA is much smarter than that.

And that does not matter now since the the first game is coming to the PS3. Companies say stuff like this all the time. But the exclusivity rights contract has most likely expired. EA can do whatever they want with the series now as they please. As to why they did not port it immediately, who really knows, could have been exclusive right by Microsoft, or EA did not see the selling power that it has on the 360 on the PS3. The only people who really know work for Microsoft and EA. -my old mobo oc -current mobo oc
3 years ago#22
Basically what happened is:

*Back in 2005 Bioware sold themselves to an investment firm called Elevation Partners, which was headed by John Ricetello, the current CEO of EA. After a while, he convinced the shareholders of Elevation to sell Bioware to EA, and Bioware can't do much about it.

*EA likes to go their own way with their games, and as demonstrated with Origin and when they forced MS to allow them to control their own servers on Xbox Live, which they can shut down at will. Furthermore, they rarely do exclusives, as they wanted their games to saturate on as many platforms as possible.

*Microsoft prefers to deal with third parties by offering exclusivity contracts, rather than outright buy off studios. This allows third parties to retain intellectual property of their games, and several games like Gears of War and Alan Wake are made this way. If EA didn't buy off Bioware and the Mass Effect IP it's likely the trilogy would at least be console exclusive to 360.

I think the Mass Effect exclusivity contract either expired around 2010, or EA bought out the contract. ME2 was ported to PS3 in 2011 because it was still a recent release, whereas ME1 was too old by then for them to care. With the Trilogy release however, it provided another opportunity for the first game to gain more exposure, but EA did a half assed job with the DLC.
3 years ago#23
hellmasterp posted...
From: SoF-Rambo | #009
That's like saying Obsidian holds the rights to KOTOR because they made the second one.

Please excuse my limited intellect if that sounded stupid.

To address this, LucasArts contracted (or licensed) the Star Wars name to Obsidian (and Bioware for the first game) to make a game based on the universe that is Star Wars. When EA bought Bioware, EA bought all of Bioware's assets and liabilities, meaning everything that they owned. It included all past, present, and future works and those included intellectual property that they owned, ie: Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series, Baldur's Gate, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights series, etc... .

Actually, Bioware doesn't own the IP to Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights, Hasbro (owners of D&D) does. This is why another studio is allowed to make an enhanced version of the Baldur's Gate games without Bioware/EA involvement.
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