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How much did you spend on your HD TV for gaming

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3 years ago#11
900$ back in 2010 for a 42" plasma.

Same dimensions went for 500$ in 2012.
3 years ago#12
I paid $372 for a 32" Samsung LED back around February 2011. I've since moved into my house and am using a 50' Panasonic Plasma I picked up for $800.
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3 years ago#13
Around a grand for a 47" back in uh.. 2007-08.
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3 years ago#14
Currently playing on someone else's Samsung 46 inch LED TV, so I didn't pay anything.

I plan on getting a good 32 inch 3D LED to replace my monitor and my TV at the same time, but only if I can get the picture in picture working on ALL inputs and not just the lame ass 75ohm plug like Samsung....
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3 years ago#15
$80 (plus tax/warranty) for a 24" Orion brand HDTV that I just bought on BF at Walmart, good thing it was real cheap! XD
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3 years ago#16
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3 years ago#17
$745 for 32" Vizio LCD in 2008
$2000 for 58" Samsung Plasma in 2010
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3 years ago#18
I paid $500 for my 46 inch Sharp when it was on sale this August
3 years ago#19
89 and that is because I am a uni student.
3 years ago#20
24" 1080P thing. $250-400, I forget. Got it Christmas 2011.
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