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How much did you spend on your HD TV for gaming

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4 years ago#41
$800.00 for a Panasonic 50" plasma.
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4 years ago#42
$400 for a 32" vizio lcd in 2009
4 years ago#43
32 inch Samsung led tv 378 dollars that's with tax
4 years ago#44
$1800 51 inch samsung 3D plasma 2011
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4 years ago#45
I game on my secondary PC monitor. 21.5", 1920x1080 resolution (awesome PPI), and run the headphone output to my PC speakers. $150 monitor, $250 speakers, so $400 setup I guess. But you could make do with el cheapo headphones I guess.
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4 years ago#46
1000 for a 46in Sony LCD 3 years ago, then it developed a minor fault a month before the warranty ran out and they gave me a brand new 3D LED one worth the same amount I paid originally. I lucked out there!
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4 years ago#47

40'' Sony Bravia 120hz 1080p 3d LED (w/ 2x Active 3d glasses)

3d works great with my PC via Nvidia 3dTV-PLAY, any game or movie in 3d

It was a $1200 tv, got it on eBay for cheap because it has a scuff on the screen that can only be seen when the tv is off. Ebay is a great place to buy a cheap tv, as all purchases are given warranty by PayPal Buyer Protection.
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4 years ago#48
Under $1k for a 50" LG 1080p about 2 1/2 years ago.
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4 years ago#49
Well~ Im about to drop $160 on a 24' TV for my college dorm....
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4 years ago#50
I bought a 42" LG I think 2 years ago it was around 750 USD.
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