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Cross your fingers Warner Bros. wins Saints Row bid

#21NakedSnake1986Posted 1/8/2013 6:30:26 PM
Hopefully Red Faction gets a new life and reemerges if Violition gets bought out..

Activision does make sense to buy out Violition, especially since they stopped their True Crime franchise and killed True Crime Hong Kong which ironically turned out to be a great game after Square Enix bought the game and renamed it Sleeping Dogs. Saints Row is the only open world sandbox game that can compete against GTA. Even if it does come in second place next to GTA the game series still proves to be a huge seller mostly thanks in part to Saints Row 1 being the first sandbox game for this generation.
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#22abnergoinbigPosted 1/8/2013 6:58:57 PM
I hope Sony buys it.
#23MertensCWPosted 1/8/2013 7:44:16 PM
Volition's good. I hope they don't get death sentEAnced.

The WB wouldn't be a bad place for them.
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#24DonomegaPosted 1/8/2013 7:49:50 PM
BeastLeeAdams posted...
Saints Row is garbage. It's a worse version of GTA.

Noway! I rather enjoyed Saints Row 2 and 3 -but to each their own I suppose.
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#25ironmaidenfan70Posted 1/8/2013 7:52:24 PM
i just hope saints row 4 is a launch next gen game with stilwater,and steelport areas.
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