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If you like beat em ups and/or Platinum Games, please buy Anarchy Reigns

#1M DAMAGEPosted 1/7/2013 8:50:27 PM
It releases tomorrow and Platinum needs all the financial support they can get. The only thing this game will have is word of mouth due to Sega (publisher) screwing them over. It is not a "budget" title, but again, due to sega's idiocy it will be retailing for only 30 dollars.

Aside from all this, AR is, (as all games from Platinum) one of the best action games you can get.

-If you like beat em ups or God Hand for ps2 (members of Anarchy Reigns dev team worked on God Hand) buy this game.

-if you want to support Platinum for any reason, please buy AR,

-if you like any of capcom studio 4/clover studios games (now defunct/not with capcom anymore) such as Okami, God Hand, or Viewtiful Joe, please buy AR. (devs that worked on those games work for Platinum now, and in turn, worked on AR)

I would preorder now because this game will probably be hard to find in the future.
#2M DAMAGE(Topic Creator)Posted 1/7/2013 8:54:27 PM
Here is the best trailer I could find which showcases all the game has to offer:
#3hellbringherPosted 1/7/2013 8:59:15 PM(edited)
People should buy bad games to support developers so they can buy their family nice things and the gamers can play crap. Hurry up guys support bad games because some joe blow on gamefaqs said so.

It's already out in other parts of the world and majority says its pretty bad. It's $30 because it was supposed to arrive month ago and didn't. At this point I don't even see a reason to waste plastic. But you support bad games because it "cool" to support certain devs even though they release more bad games than good.
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#4M DAMAGE(Topic Creator)Posted 1/7/2013 9:21:52 PM(edited)

A lot of people enjoy Plat's games such as bayonetta or Vanquish and are looking forward to their Metal Gear Rising. AR is a great brawler with tons to offer and Platinum could use the support in order to MAKE MORE GAMES.

Not everyone is COD head/sports game scrub, but instead enjoys games of AR's nature.

It is 30 dollars because Sega screwed them in their publishing deal as I said. You telling me with a straight face that the trailer link I posted doesnt look awesome?
#5JamanjaxPosted 1/7/2013 9:03:32 PM
From: hellbringher | #003
But you support bad games because it "cool" to support certain devs even though they release more bad games than good.

I dunno who you're talking about, as that certainly doesn't describe Platinum.
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#6hellbringherPosted 1/7/2013 9:04:01 PM
Go pitch your lame pr somewhere else. Tell Platinum games to stop making crap and you wouldn't have to beg people to buy their garbage. So desperate.
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#7vashtrichamPosted 1/7/2013 9:04:16 PM
Has anyone's copy from Amazon shipped yet my order still says shipping soon
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#8FireFrenzy2112Posted 1/7/2013 9:04:54 PM
SEGA wants to keep making crap games then fine. It's only so long before they are out of the business.
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#9SunDevil77Posted 1/7/2013 9:05:24 PM
Mehhh, looks like a bargain bin game for me.
So many games I actually really, really want come out within a month.
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#10Justice98405Posted 1/7/2013 9:06:37 PM
I already imported it as Max Anarchy. But I might buy a US copy if I've got money after my tax return list is taken care of.
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