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Headset splitter or other method.

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4 years ago#1
Hello, we have been xbox live customers for many years but me and my sister share an account because we both love to play halo but don't have much to spend. I could go on a small rant about how subscriptions should be console based instead of account based, but i am mainly here because i recently saw some conflicting messages in halo 4 about if a guest can use a Mic or not. So far, unless their is a hidden setting somewhere, i can not seem to get it to work and we often have many friends in a party and it sucks to be left out of the conversation. If indeed the guests mic has been disabled for some reason, is their a small adapter i can buy which would allow me to simply split the mic cable from my sisters controller so that we can both talk through there? messy workaround but i guess its necessary.

4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
sennhouser mixamp combo
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4 years ago#4
Guests don't have chat available to them. If they log in with a gold account, then they can chat.

You could split it, but it would probably be horrible sounding. It's already using pretty low bandwidth for chat.

I'm sure I have the adapters to try it myself, so I'll try it for you and post the results later.
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4 years ago#5
thank you so much for the responses. Its just the extra money each month seems like very high price just for one extra person to chat with a few friends.

thanks again
4 years ago#6
I can't find one laying around. I know I have some splitters somewhere but I can't find them.

I have so many adapters and cables.... 3.5 to RCA, 3.5 to 2.5, RCA splitters... but I can't find a stereo splitter. The splitters that I do have split two channels into mono channels.

I ordered one from, like $0.90 with free shipping. So I could try it in a week or so when it comes.
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4 years ago#7
This is what you would use, ideally:

That's 2.5mm, and the one I will have is 3.5mm but I have all the adapters to get a 3.5mm splitter working.
Thrash Zone
4 years ago#8
I don't have a great answer for you, but if you think of it like this: cheap minutes or long distance for about 5 dollars a month, it's a really good deal. I play with my friends 1300 miles away, and being able to talk with them without using minutes is far and away worth the cost.

It does suck you need two subs to use chat, but eh, it's not terribly expensive.
Great job!
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