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Best Voice Actor in the Industry

#71acid_snake141Posted 1/9/2013 10:18:13 PM
I'll be damned if David Hayter isn't a legendary VA. Even if he has only one real role to speak of.
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#72ladylillianPosted 1/9/2013 11:06:20 PM
Troy Baker all the way! He's done great work, and he's got a whole bunch of games coming out this year (Bioshock Infinite & The Last of Us). Probably doesn't hurt that he's good looking too ;)
#73whiteboygenePosted 1/9/2013 11:23:59 PM
Keith Szarabajka (LA NOIRE B******!!!!!!)

Rob Wiethoff (RDR)

James McAffrey (Max Payne)

David Bateson (Hitman)

Chad Coleman (L4D2 - Coach, Cutty, Tyrese, What a f****ing BADASS!)
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#74Gump_the_GreatPosted 1/9/2013 11:40:48 PM
Nolan North has been in so many games that i now groan when i find out he is the main character of a game now. When i started playing Spec Ops: The Line this year i was disappointed the moment i heard his voice as the main character. I then felt like i was gonna have to go the whole rest of the game with a Nathan Drake/Desmond Miles sounding character.
#75Allaster111Posted 1/10/2013 12:20:43 AM
Other: The guy in Daytona USA that says: "Please choose manual or automatic transmission."
#76EnemyWithin88Posted 1/10/2013 7:02:42 AM
Mike Patton. Endtopic/
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#77Spartangod777Posted 1/10/2013 7:04:11 AM
gabrius posted...
Michael Ironside, DAMMIT.

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#78darkdragon_9600Posted 1/10/2013 8:18:16 AM
I dislike Nolan North, he is everywhere, and not only that, he always sounds the same (or at least pretty close)

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#79HOTJaVaLaVa(Topic Creator)Posted 1/10/2013 5:36:07 PM
Nolan North is sweeping all major platforms (PS3, Wii U, XBOX 360)!
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#80HOTJaVaLaVa(Topic Creator)Posted 1/11/2013 8:55:01 AM
"The eyes are the groin of the head."
-Dwight Schrute, from the TV show The Office