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Best Voice Actor in the Industry

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3 years ago#81
"The eyes are the groin of the head."
-Dwight Schrute, from the TV show The Office
3 years ago#82
Xx_King_Beef_xX posted...
And the red ranger does gay porn now.

No, he doesn't, and I ****ing hate how many people still try to spread that BS rumor, either because they actually believe it, or they are just ****ing idiotic trolls.

And any footage/pics you might find to "prove" he does are either fake or of somebody who strikes a resemblance to him.
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3 years ago#83
"The eyes are the groin of the head."
-Dwight Schrute, from the TV show The Office
3 years ago#84
David Hayter
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3 years ago#85
Rome218 posted...
I only know Nolan so I didn't vote.

I did.
3 years ago#86
I haven't spoken to Vic Mignogna in quite some years- didn't know he was doing game voice work! He and I used to collaborate on making prop replicas. He owns one of the most accurate Obi-Wan lightsaber replicas out there. I'll have to look him up!
3 years ago#87
The one who did the Ghostbusters voice on the NES >:D

Considering most of them are mainly anime, except for a few games when they have a few one liners, and grunts. I choose the Other Option.

I have to break it down between male, and female, and lead role, and support role.

Best Female lead: Jennifer Hale(to me SHE is the real Shepard, not the male version. Her renegade behavior is what makes the games so darn fun)

Best female Support: Claudia Black(She has a talent for bringing chracters alive, without making them feel like game character. She just needs a break out lead role in a game)

Best Male lead: David Hayter(He had to carry the franchise on his back, and he did it without his dialogue, or character getting stale.)

Best Male SupportL Keith David(This man in certain scenes can set the tone for anything, Perfect support role to the main lead.)
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3 years ago#88
Nolan North may be good, but it gets so irritating when he's in every single game. Every time I play a new game and there's Nolan North somewhere I cringe.
3 years ago#89
I'd say Keith Sjarsjfkfbdfbbfdpdskpofgsgjk[gsdgbaka
Michael Wincott
Steve Downes (especially in Halo 4) and Andy Serkis.
3 years ago#90
the guy who play Mr White on Break Bad
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