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Why did you choose the 360?

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3 years ago#31
The store didn't have any PS3s.

Edit: The story has a happy ending as I bought a PS3 a week later.
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3 years ago#32
it has all the games i would want to play on ps3 but with a few games i cant play on ps3(dead rising 1, halo 3, forza, etc) and much more comfortable control, and i havent owned a nintendo system since gamecube and dont plan on changing that
3 years ago#33
Guess I chose it because a friend gave me his old red ringed system for free and I did the Gamestop swap and got myself a working system for practically nothing.
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3 years ago#34
At launch

Xbox 360= 280

PS3= 425

The UK got shafted with the price of the PS3, if it was sold at the same price as the US but converted to GBP it would have been about 300.
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3 years ago#35
Simple it came out first, now unless Im playing BF3 it has become a dust collector just like the Wii
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3 years ago#36
I got the 360 because a bunch of my friends were going to get that system, and although I didn't have an original Xbox and a PS2 instead, I did really like the Xbox Live online system much better than the PS3's. The PS3 was also too expensive at the time, and I did really want to play Halo 3.
3 years ago#37
I got the 360 early on in 2005 for the following reasons.

- next Halo game
- Xbox Live
- I wanted to use backwards compatibility to play last gen Xbox games I missed out on
- trailers for Perfect Dark Zero made the game and console look amazing
3 years ago#38
I honest to God hate Sony as a company. I had some other Sony products that were just gigantic pains in the ass. Their customer support sucked so I refused to buy their stupid console. Haven't owned a Sony console since the original Playstation (which I did enjoy)

I don't like Microsoft much either, but I look at it as the lesser of the two evils.
3 years ago#39
First current gen console. Won the race.
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3 years ago#40
I chose all three and always will, but lean towards 360 because I am a war vet that prefers to support American. No other reason. After saving so much money because of Plus, I actually appreciate ps3 more, but could never go in fully. And I really cannot over emphasize how much having page after page of Rock Band songs fill the new release area grates on me. My last nerve has long since been broken over that.
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