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Why did you choose the 360?

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3 years ago#61
It was the last system I needed from this gen. not that I needed it, but I'd wanted to play Halo since the first game, and never had an Xbox. Plus, Rare's games. I don't care what anyone says; I still liked PD Zero, and Kameo.
3 years ago#62
I bought one so I'd have access to every current system. It seems my PC has taken it's place in the past few years, though. There are next to no exclusives nowadays, and I much prefer to get multi-platform games on the PC, if possible. Come on Microsoft, you can do better!
3 years ago#63
Five years ago, I just had a Wii and a PS2, and realized that a lot of next gen games that'd been coming out for years that I wanted to get (Assassin's Creed, The Darkness, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion), I couldn't. I actually wanted to get a PS3, but it still seemed too expensive at the time, so I asked my dad for a 360 for Christmas. He got mad since I already had two consoles and it was still kind of pricy, so I felt bad and never brought it up again, but he ended up getting it for me any ways. Nowadays, I've gotten or at least played the games I wanted to play on it, sold my Wii and all it's stuff to afford 5 games in 2011, and I don't regret getting it at all. Very nice console.
3 years ago#64
TMNT '89, DOA4.
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3 years ago#65
Price, still well worth it, have a ps3 now also and the only reason i have it is to play with two friends that don't have xbox on COD
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3 years ago#66
Dead Rising.
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3 years ago#67
In my country, the Xbox and it's games are WAY cheaper, that's why i bought it, i just wanted to have a new gen console, i didn't care which one(between PS3 and 360 of course)
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3 years ago#68
The price
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3 years ago#69
The price. I'm on a really tight budget, and I can't afford to plunk down big bucks on a game console no matter how much I want it.
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3 years ago#70
Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Tales Of Vesperia, The Multiplat games seemed to perform better on 360, and The Xbox Live Arcade library of games were way more appealing. Especially Toy Soldiers, Shadow Complex (Best current Gen Metroid Game LOL), Splosion Man, and Castle Crashers (Just downloaded the Blacksmith character, he is awesome.)
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