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Your favorite so called "bad game"?

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3 years ago#131
Splatterhouse. Load times suck, ending sucked, only bad things I can say about it. (Honestly I didn't even have long load times, though I heard people report 40-45 second ones...I had weird ass noises come out of my 360 while I installed it, though, and knew other people with crashing issues. Weird inconsistent tech issues.)

I think Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game Of The Movie actually had some neat ideas. For what it was, a licensed game that I got for six bucks because I was in an achievement-whoring phase, I liked it quite a bit, probably moreso then Peter Jackson's King Kong The Movie itself.

I still dig Warriors and buy them as they come out, but I fully understand why people are no longer interested.

Liked the new Alone in the Dark and Bionic Commando.
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3 years ago#132
Samman123 posted...
This gen - Rage.
Last gen - Enter the Matrix

i love rage, enter was meh, but i loved path of neo.

mine honestly would be brink. i really did enjoy that game a lot.
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3 years ago#133
Infernal: Hell's Vengeance


Velvet Assassin
3 years ago#134
Alice Madness Returns - it's not my favorite game but I thought it was decent when others say that it was horrible.
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3 years ago#135
FF13... ive platinum'd it on ps3.... and im not a trophy/achievement hunter unless i like the game...
the only part of gamefaqs i like are the walkthroughs for games i like.
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3 years ago#136
Earth Defense Force 2017
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3 years ago#137
50 Cent Blood on the Sand
3 years ago#138
Duke Nukem Forever.
3 years ago#139
glassghost0 posted...
who the eff called Oblivion bad?

Anyone that knows anything about RPGs
3 years ago#140
Super Snowboard Cross: Deadly Descents
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