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Your favorite so called "bad game"?

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4 years ago#151
4 years ago#152
Metroid: Other M. I was expecting the worst but it's actually a pretty good game, not up to the level of Prime but I liked it.
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4 years ago#153
Duke Nukem Forever. I had a blast with this game and I also played through the DLC expansion "the doctor who cloned me" it was equally entertaining.

Sure the game doesn't have the best graphics but I enjoyed the game immensely. It was also very nostalgic playing a new Duke Nukem game after all these years.
4 years ago#154
Due to the popularity of hating on COD, I pick them. I love Call of Duty.
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4 years ago#155

Does not deserve to get torn asunder...
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4 years ago#156
Sonic Unleashed and Brawl.
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4 years ago#157
Superman 64, aw the WINNER Ballin' cartridge on the Kidtendo 69! SO WINNER! BROTRRS UNITE!
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4 years ago#158
This dates me, but I enjoyed Turok 2 and 3.
4 years ago#159
Sonic Unleashed.

Even though the Werehog stages could be a pain at times, it was still enjoyable. And stages when you play Sonic were amazing.

My only problem was the dumb addition of collecting coins to move on in the story and that damn Chip.

And I guess, Brawl. Though, I think everybody secretly loves it.
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4 years ago#160
Halo 4 seems like a broken mess after browsing the Waypoint forums and what not and seeing all the people whining, but I think Halo 4 is great, so I'll go with that.
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