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Whats something I could buy to upload my videos straight to youtube

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4 years ago#1
4 years ago#2

I advise you to read user reviews before buying it though. The original HD PVR had defective composite/S-video contacts.
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4 years ago#3
Video capture card for your PC.
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4 years ago#4
Depends on what your looking for and what kind of quality and how much money you can spend.

I use a Huappauge HD PVR myself for newer consoles like Xbox 360 but for older consoles like SNES and around that age you might end up having to buy something else, I got a Dazzle DVD Recorder and it is amazing for older consoles I personally would never use it for a 360 but people have and that's fine. Just the quality is no where near as good as the HD PVR.

Hauppauge I believe still runs at almost or right at $200
Dazzle DVD Recorder is $50 I've honestly used the damn thing more to play my older consoles on the laptop then to record haha, it was worth it to me though.

After you record you have to edit ect so I wouldn't say it's a direct record then upload to YouTube unless you don't care about editing the video then it will be.

Let us know what you decide to do!
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4 years ago#5
I bought yesterday off ebay a brand new HD-PVR 2 for 120.00 and 10.00 expedited shipping for my youtube gaming channel i am starting up.
4 years ago#6
Everything is so expensive..
4 years ago#7
Any thing below 75?
4 years ago#8
I use a Hauppage (sp) that I got for $50 a long time ago. I'm not sure if you're referring to specific feature as in a 1-button-press to upload directly to Youtube but with any tuner card you can make a video, save the file and upload that to Youtube without much effort. The quality is just fine so unless you want start of the art with all the bells and whistles, you shouldn't need to pay for than $50.
4 years ago#9
What was it that you bought ?
4 years ago#10
Dunno if this is the exact one but something like this:

It was probably close to 10 years ago and that one shows as discontinued but I know I didn't pay more than $50 for it. I've heard iffy things about external Dazzle TV tuners so I'd suggest a PCI card like that. Also, that was before HDMI. Mine uses S-video and I need to use an old VCR to act like a hub and a separate composite cord to have audio. If they're more expensive in general now, that could be why.
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  3. Whats something I could buy to upload my videos straight to youtube

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