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Do you think we'll see Skyrim: GOTY this year? Done with DLC?

#1justsaiwhenPosted 1/12/2013 7:05:30 PM
#2scoobydoobydontPosted 1/12/2013 7:10:33 PM
More dlc incoming. I don't know if they'll bother rereleasing a GOTY edition. I'd suspect a GOTY up-port on 720/Orbis would be more profitable, but what do I know.
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#3Pacman2dxPosted 1/12/2013 7:17:51 PM
Got one more DLC incoming it was leaked a few days ago called 'Redguard' -- probably might be the last one too considering with this DLC they'll probably hit the 2000GS cap.
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