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What's the last game you were legitimately excited for?

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4 years ago#91
Mass Effect 3, I thought it was easily the game of the year for me... until I played it . Never been sicken how a franchise could be torch quicker than firewood. Now it's with Fable III with a Garbage of the Year sticker.
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4 years ago#92
Okami HD and now Fire Emblem Awakening. Last Xbox game had me excited was RE6 and it delivered somewhat, wasn't a terrible game but not the greatest either.
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4 years ago#93
TTT2 and Borderlands 2
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4 years ago#94
borderlands 2
4 years ago#95
I am waiting for that New DC comics fighter "Injustice". Really not so much the game. I have my eye on that joystick that's coming in the collector edition.
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4 years ago#96
Guild Wars 2.
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4 years ago#97
Winterstar posted...
From: iammaxhailme | #004
Mass Effect 3. And we all saw how that turned out... was FANTASTIC!

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4 years ago#98
Skyrim. Oh and I'm looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online. Other than that, not much else to look forward to. But I feel you on the getting old part. I remember when I was constantly excited to be getting new video games. Those were the days...
4 years ago#99
Mechwarrior reboot too bad that turned into a PC only game.
I'm interested in this...
4 years ago#100
Borderlands 2, was not disappointed.

Currently I'm pretty darn hyped for Bioshock Infinite
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